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Title: Mathematical modeling of the energy processes of the WSN node in the conditions of charge replenishment
Authors: Bashmakov, R. A.
Башмаков, Р. А.
Oleynikov, D. N.
Олейников, Д. Н.
Fedorenko, V. V.
Федоренко, В. В.
Keywords: Energy utilization;Adequacy of the mathematical models;Autonomous operations;Computational experiment;Consumption of energy;Sensor nodes
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Citation: Bashmakov, R.A., Oleynikov, D.N., Fedorenko, V.V. Mathematical modeling of the energy processes of the WSN node in the conditions of charge replenishment // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. - 2020. - Volume 1679. - Issue 5. - Номер статьи 052068
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Abstract: The article considers the problems that arise at the design stage of the wireless sensor networks (WSN) nodes, absorbing environmental energy in order to increase their autonomous operation, and associated with the accumulation, distribution and consumption of energy in electrical form directly inside the equipment. The authors propose a mathematical model based on an algorithm for calculating the accumulating charge process of the buffer capacity. This model helps to obtain the value of the required capacity for the accumulator and the corresponding input parameters of the primary energy converter. The mathematical model makes it possible to take into account the value of the energy consumption the self-discharge current, and the value of the current leakage. The article also presents an example of a computational experiment, analyzes its results, reveals the drawbacks of the developed algorithm, and provides possible solutions in the direction of increasing the accuracy and adequacy of the mathematical model
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