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Title: Multi-scale analysis of migration processes in the south of Russia using geoinformation monitoring tools
Other Titles: Полимасштабный анализ миграционных процессов на юге России с помощью средств геоинформационного мониторинга
Authors: Suprunchuk, I. P.
Супрунчук, И. П.
Chikhichin, V. V.
Чихичин, В. В.
Keywords: South of the European part of Russia;Stavropol territory;Geoinformation monitoring;Geoinformation systems;Migration processes
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Citation: Suprunchuk, I.P., Chikhichin, V.V., Polyan, P.M. Multi-scale analysis of migration processes in the south of Russia using geoinformation monitoring tools // InterCarto, InterGIS. - 2020. - Volume 26. - Pages 106-119
Series/Report no.: InterCarto, InterGIS
Abstract: The article considers the possibilities of using geoinformation systems for monitoring migration processes at different territorial levels. The concept of development and functioning of the system of geoinformation monitoring of migration processes in Russia is proposed. This system makes it possible to obtain, update and analyze information, provide process modeling, and develop effective management solutions. The geoinformation monitoring system is implemented on the basis of the Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system and the ESRI АгсGIS family of software products and consists of five key components: hardware, software, data, performers, and methods. The study of modern migration processes at several territorial levels - from macro-regional to local-was carried out using the geo-information monitoring system. At the macro-regional level (for example, in the South of Russia), there is a differentiation of regions by the level of migration growth and the nature of migration processes. At the regional level of monitoring, the features of internal migration processes in the Stavropol territory are considered. The migration loss zone in the province covers almost all rural areas. Migration growth of the population is typical only for large cities and their suburban areas. At the local settlement level, the geo-information monitoring system makes it possible to study such characteristics of migration processes as the ethnic and social composition of migrants, the distribution of migrants by localities, and migration links between different territories
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