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Title: Construction of simple path graphs in transport networks: i. general solutions and examples
Authors: Golovinskii, I. A.
Головинский, И. А.
Keywords: Biconnected components;Undirected graph;Transport networks;Real-time management;Path graphs;General solutions;Disjoint sets;Complete solutions;Complete solutions;Graph theory
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Pleiades journals
Citation: Golovinskii, I.A. Construction of simple path graphs in transport networks: i. general solutions and examples // Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International. - 2021. - Volume 60. - Issue 1. - Pages 118-152
Series/Report no.: Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International
Abstract: The calculation of the set of all simple paths connecting two vertices of an undirected graph is considered. The more general problems of connecting vertices which belong to disjoint sets of vertices in a graph by all simple paths are also investigated. The connection between these problems and finding vertex biconnected components and graph bridges is established, and based on this their complete solutions are given. Simplifying techniques for the calculation of the sets of paths based on the addition of auxiliary edges and vertices to the analyzed graph are proposed. Examples of the application of the developed apparatus to problems of the real-time management of transport networks are given
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