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Title: Selection of innovative projects for technical and technological development within network management structure environment at industrial enterprises
Authors: Rebiy, E. Y.
Ребий, Е. Ю.
Boris, O. A.
Борис, О. А.
Lepyakhova, E. N.
Лепяхова, Е. Н.
Keywords: Conceptions;Industrial complex;Innovative project;Network management structure;Principles of project selection;Technological development
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
Citation: Rebiy, E.Y., Boris, O.A., Lepyahova, E.N. Selection of innovative projects for technical and technological development within network management structure environment at industrial enterprises // Studies in Systems, Decision and Control. - 2021. - Volume 314. - Pages 709-719
Series/Report no.: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
Abstract: Purpose of this chapter is to develop regulations for selection of projects in technical and technological development area, taking in consideration context of network management structure in industrial enterprises. Research methodology is based on evolutionary conception, which implies emergence of new technologies in the process of niche experiments at micro level, followed by selections and consolidation at me so and macro levels; that implies assessment of innovative projects and their implementation results not only for one business unit but also at the same business network. Research and comparison of conditions and implementation methods reveals underlying problems of technological development in business network structure. Those provide for development of optimal set of provisions and models, ensuring most efficient selection of innovative projects. In simple terms, the model includes preliminary selection of projects based on thematic priorities; integrated assessment of selected projects based on innovation criteria; assessment of networking opportunities when selecting and implementing projects; investment appraisal and final project selection. During the study, the authors identified conditions and specific models that determine reliable project evaluation in the context of industrial structures network. Those are applicable when project results are reflected in both: project initiator’s performance and its business partners’ achievement of goals: Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP, Rank Inclusion in Criteria Hierarchies (RICH), Robust Portfolio Modelling (RPM). The work includes description of difficulties related to selection process of innovative technological development projects, awareness of which helps to figure out appropriate models for each particular case
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