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dc.contributor.authorBoris, O. A.-
dc.contributor.authorБорис, О. А.-
dc.contributor.authorVorontsova, G. V.-
dc.contributor.authorВоронцова, Г. В.-
dc.contributor.authorMomotova, O. N.-
dc.contributor.authorМомотова, О. Н.-
dc.contributor.authorParakhina, V. N.-
dc.contributor.authorПарахина, В. Н.-
dc.identifier.citationBoris, O.A, Vorontsova, G.V., Momotova, O.N., Parakhina, V.N. Peculiarities and prospects of interaction between government and business in the agricultural sector // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. - 2021. - Volume 699. - , Issue 1. - Номер статьи 012063ru
dc.description.abstractThe relevance of the research topic is determined by the advantages of interaction between government and business in the agricultural sector: on the one hand, the resources provided and the flexibility of the business, and on the other hand, the potential to influence decision - making for social and economic development. In addition, the ability of the authorities to act as an upholder of social justice. This research aims to identify areas for the development of interaction between government and business through the spectacle of satisfying the interests of both parties. This is the reason for the research tasks: to analyze the definitions, to evaluate the key interaction models of government and business; to reveal the most acute issues of interaction between government and business and possible potentialities for its improvement. Public-private partnerships in the agricultural sector provide a variety of potential benefits arising from the combination of operational and economic performance specific to the private sector, with the role of the government sector as an enabling environment and a regulator ensuring that social interests are accounted. For all types of public-private partnership, the efficiency improvement is the main advantage determining the prospects of its development in the agricultural sectorru
dc.publisherIOP Publishing Ltdru
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science-
dc.subjectAgricultural robotsru
dc.subjectDecision makingru
dc.subjectIndustrial robotsru
dc.subjectAgricultural sectorru
dc.subjectEconomic and social effectsru
dc.titlePeculiarities and prospects of interaction between government and business in the agricultural sectorru
vkr.instИнститут экономики и управленияru
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