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Title: The role of teachers in resolving conflicts in adolescents' interpersonal communication through social networking
Authors: Bondarenko, N. G.
Бондаренко, Н. Г.
Keywords: Personality;Teachers' role;Conflict;Interpersonal communication;Teenager;Overcoming;Social network mode
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: KARE PUBL
Citation: Aminova, DK; Serebrennikova, AV; Bondarenko, NG; Skoblikova, TV; Usheva, TF. The role of teachers in resolving conflicts in adolescents' interpersonal communication through social networking // APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH JOURNAL. - 2021. - Том: 5. - Выпуск: 3. - Стр.: 208-215
Abstract: In modern conditions of crisis in all spheres of life, conditions arise for the emergence of psychological tension in interpersonal communication. The analysis of modern scientific research has shown that a special place in the anthology of abnormal communication is occupied by the age group of adolescents. The pantheon of mental, socio-psychological threats to the growing personality affects the ability to interact successfully, forming a supportive and healthy attitude in the process of conflict resolution, which is of particular concern, taking into account that adolescence is the most important moment for personality formation and role-taking, especially with peers. Impaired ability to form and maintain interpersonal relationships can have a lasting impact on the social and emotional functioning of young people. They are especially acute in adolescents and are expressed in conflicts. The authors studied and reported to us on the results of their study of this phenomenon. They prescribed several ways to overcome conflicts in the interpersonal communication of adolescents in the social network mode. Emphasizing that there is an urgent need to introduce innovations in the mode of social network connections in the educational process. This should be done by all practicing teachers and psychologists of the world. There were systematic scientific directions of humanistic orientation, scientific schools and approaches to the development of innovative technologies to support training, education and personal development in all available information environments. The authors analyze popular scientific trends and practical findings on the problem of finding ways to resolve conflicts in interpersonal communication of adolescents effectively and overcome them in a social network mode especially by the help of teachers
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