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Title: Modern approaches to improving quality management in the context of digitalization of the economy
Authors: Vorontsova, G. V.
Воронцова, Г. В.
Lupandina, N. D.
Лупандина, Н. Д.
Shelkoplyasova, G. S.
Шелкоплясова, Г. С.
Glizhova, T. N.
Глижова, Т. Н.
Makaryeva, V. Y.
Макарьева, В. Ю.
Keywords: Quality management system;Quality standards;Competitiveness;Enterprise;Food industry
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
Citation: Vorontsova, G.V., Lupandina, N.D., Shelkoplyasova, G.S., Glizhova, T.N., Makaryeva, V.Y. Modern approaches to improving quality management in the context of digitalization of the economy // Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. - 2021. - Том 198. - Страницы 1455 - 1462
Series/Report no.: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
Abstract: The goal of this scientific work is to identify new approaches and concepts in the organization’s product quality management system based on the study of modern trends in product quality management. Design/Methodology/Approach:: The research methodology is based on general scientific research methods, specific research methods in management and their combinatorial use in accordance with the research problem being solved and the analyzed management function. From the standpoint of quality management, the most relevant can be considered quality management systems based on international standards, adapted for the conditions of the external and internal environment of food industry enterprises. Findings:: The analysis of information sources on the research topic made it possible to form an idea of the need for further scientific research on the issues selected by the authors in order to form effective quality management systems on the example of food products. Originality/Value:: Trends in the development of quality management systems have been studied on the example of food industry enterprises; significant indicators of product quality have been identified; approaches to the construction of effective quality management systems for manufactured products at a food industry enterprise have been formed. The role of quality management in the management of a modern organization is shown. The quality criteria for food industry organizations are determined. The current trends in the development of quality management systems and trends in their development in the context of the digitalization of the Russian economy are identified. Thus, the study carried out is relevant and characterized by high originality from the standpoint of current trends in the development of quality management
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