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Title: Use of electronic means of payment as ways of Crime commission: features of investigation and protection routes
Authors: Bondarenko, N. G.
Бондаренко, Н. Г.
Keywords: Theft;Computer equipment;Material gain;Fraud
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Vasyukov, V; Tsokur, EF; Kirichenko, EV; Bugrova, VR; Bondarenko, NG. Use of electronic means of payment as ways of Crime commission: features of investigation and protection routes // REVISTA GEINTEC-GESTAO INOVACAO E TECNOLOGIAS. - 2021. - Том: 11. - Выпуск: 2. - Стр.: 1868-1877
Abstract: The article deals with electronic payment systems and means as methods of committing criminal encroachments on material and other objects belonging to citizens and organizations. Electronic payment systems and means which have become widespread in recent years have proven vulnerable to various types of criminals using this vulnerability for various purposes, including personal gain. The purpose of this article is a comprehensive analysis of criminal encroachments on electronic payment systems and funds carried out for personal gain to determine the way for law enforcement agencies to counter them. The authors outline the concept of such systems and means according to the norms of the current legislation, as well as the methods of committing crimes in this area identified in forensic science. There is a description of elements of such crimes contained in the criminal legislation of Russia and several countries. Some problems associated with difficulties in qualifying crimes using electronic payment means have been identified. The authors' conclusions about the need for the further scientific and practical study of qualification of criminal liability for theft using electronic payment means are presented
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