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Title: Amide-directed reactions of small carbocycles
Authors: Rubina, M. Y.
Рубина, М. Ю.
Rubin, M. A.
Рубин, М. А.
Keywords: Small cycles;Directing groups;Nucleophilic addition;C-H activation;C-H activation;Radical additions
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Yamanushkin, P. M.; Rubina, M. Y.; Rubin, M. A. Amide-directed reactions of small carbocycles // CURRENT ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. - 2021. - Volume 25. - Issue 14. - Page 1686-1703
Series/Report no.: Current Organic Chemistry
Abstract: The topic of this review is the amide-directed functionalization of strained carbocycles - specifically, unsaturated or saturated three- and four-membered rings. The following approaches are discussed: a) directed carbometallation and hydrometallation of cyclopropenes catalyzed by transition metals; b) directed metal-templated nucleophilic addition reactions; c) directed C-H functionalization, including transition metal-catalyzed C-H-activation reactions; and d) directed radical additions
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