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Title: Events of the trapezund conference in the memories of A. I. Khatisov
Authors: Ambartsumyan, K. R.
Амбарцумян, К. Р.
Velichko, L. N.
Величко, Л. Н.
Keywords: Ardahan;Armenian question;Batum;Kars;Trebizond conference;Van vilayet;«Dashnaktsutyun»
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Rossiiskaya Akademiya Nauk, Institut Istorii (Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of General Hist)
Citation: Ambartsumyan, K. R., Velichko, L. N. Events of the trapezund conference in the memories of A. I. Khatisov // Voprosy Istorii. - 2021. - Том 9. - Выпуск 2. - Стр.: 277 - 287. - DOI10.31166/VoprosyIstorii202109Statyi55
Series/Report no.: Voprosy Istorii
Abstract: The publication presents a document from the memoirs of A. I. Khatisov (1874—1945), who until 1917 held the post of mayor of Tiflis, then Alexandropol, and after the February events of 1917 became Minister of Finance and Food in the independent Transcaucasian Democratic Federal Republic (1918). After the declaration of independence of Armenia, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (1919—1920). In this capacity, A. I. Khatisov participated in Trebizond and Batumi conferences. The manuscript of the memoirs is kept in the State Archive of the Russian Federation.
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