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Title: The calling of a man and a scholar: the world of Sergey Malovichko
Authors: Bulygina, T. A.
Булыгина, Т. А.
Kolesnikova, M. E.
Колесникова, М. Е.
Kryuchkov, I. V.
Крючков, И. В.
Keywords: Intellectual history;Historiography;Source study;Historical knowledge;Post-modernity;New local history
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Bulygina, T. A., Kolesnikova, M. E., Kryuchkov, I. V. The calling of a man and a scholar: the world of Sergey Malovichko // DIALOG SO VREMENEM-DIALOGUE WITH TIME. - 2021. - Issue 77. - Page 5-18
Series/Report no.: Dialog so Vremenem
Abstract: The presented article is devoted to the main phases of the academic and educational work of a famous Russian historian Sergei Ivanovich Malovichko who put a lot of effort into the development of historiographical trends - new local history and intellectual history in the Stavropol Region, and later in Moscow. The article points out S.I. Malovichko's close attention to the application of historical studies to the educational process. In the conclusion of the article, the relevance of the scientific heritage of S.I. Malovichko by Russian and foreign historians in the future is emphasized.
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