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dc.contributor.authorMalyshkina, E. V.-
dc.contributor.authorМалышкина, Е. В.-
dc.identifier.citationKolesnikov, I. N., Kasparyan, K. V., Malyshkina, E. V., Gjorchev J. P. The transformation of foreign policy of people's Republic of China in 1949-1976 // VOPROSY ISTORII. - 2021. - Volume 4. - Issue 1. - Page 122-133. - DOI10.31166/VoprosyIstorii202104Statyi05ru
dc.description.abstractThe article is devoted to the comprehension of changes in foreign policy of Communist China during Mao Zedong's rule - in late 1940s - mid 1970s. The authors investigate the causes and consequences of fundamental changes in the Chinese foreign policy doctrine, taking into account the whole range of objective and subjective factors that led to the deterioration of the Soviet-Chinese relations and the beginning of rapprochement between China and the
dc.publisherVOPROSY ISTORIIru
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVoprosy Istorii-
dc.subjectGreat Power statusru
dc.subjectPeople's Republic of Chinaru
dc.subjectMao Zedongru
dc.subject"Cultural revolution"ru
dc.subjectBandung Conferenceru
dc.subject"Ping-pong diplomacy"ru
dc.subjectShanghai communiqueru
dc.subjectThe armed conflict on Damansky islandru
dc.titleThe transformation of foreign policy of people's Republic of China in 1949-1976ru
vkr.instИнститут сервиса, туризма и дизайна (филиал) СКФУ в г. Пятигорскеru
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