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Title: Development of cooperation between the Czech Republic and Georgia at the beginning of the XXI century
Other Titles: Развитие сотрудничества Чешской республики с Грузией в начале XXI в.
Authors: Kryuchkov, I. V.
Крючков, И. В.
Keywords: Conflict in South Ossetia;Czech Republic;European Union;Georgia;South Caucasus
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Kryuchkov, I. V. Development of cooperation between the Czech Republic and Georgia at the beginning of the XXI century // Sovremennaya Evropa. - 2021. - Том 106. - Выпуск 6. - Стр.: 75 - 85. - DOI10.15211/SOVEUROPE620217585
Series/Report no.: Sovremennaya Evropa
Abstract: Since 1993, after the collapse of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Georgia began to build bilateral relations. Geographic remoteness, weak economic contacts did not contribute to the expansion of bilateral cooperation. The author points out that the Czech Republic from the very beginning has been supporting Georgia’s territorial integrity, standing for official Tbilisi in its conflict with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This topic has not found wide coverage in modern scientific literature. The article outlines the current situation in the South Caucasus, the policy of the European Union in the region and Georgia’s integration into the world economic and political space. In 2008, the EU and its individual members intensified their policy in the field of expanding cooperation with the states of the South Caucasus, including Georgia, which has significantly advanced towards building a civil society. The Czech Republic, taking an interest in the uninterrupted supply of energy resources through the territory of Georgia, seeks to stabilize the situation inside the country and on its external borders. The author concludes that relations between the Czech Republic and Georgia develop not only within the framework of expanding contacts between the EU and Tbilisi. The Czech Republic becoms one of the leading European investors to Georgia, especially in energy, agriculture and tourism. The Czech Republic contributes to strengthening of the institutions of civil society in Georgia.
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