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Title: The impact of artificial intelligence on the development of human resources technologies
Authors: Shatskaya, E. Y.
Шацкая, Е. Ю.
Kharchenko, N. P.
Харченко, Н. П.
Zhuravel, V. F.
Журавель, В. Ф.
Keywords: Human resources technologies;Artificial intelligence
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Information Age Publishing
Citation: May-Boroda, G. N., Shatskaya, E. Y., Kharchenko, N. P., Zhuravel, V. F., Efimova, E. V. The impact of artificial intelligence on the development of human resources technologies // Advances in Research on Russian Business and Management. - 2021. - Том 2021. - Стр.: 185 - 192
Series/Report no.: Advances in Research on Russian Business and Management
Abstract: The chapter describes the method of technologization of personnel work in the conditions of transformation of the digital economy, reveals the essence of the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on changing organizational pro-cedures aimed at making rational personnel decisions. The purpose of the research is to generalize theoretical positions and develop methodological recommendations for personnel management in the region in the conditions of digitalization of the economy. Theoretical and practical research of Russian and foreign scientists in the field of personnel development, research of personnel management tools in the conditions of digitalization served as the basis of the study. The possible effects of digital transformation of socioeconomic systems have a wide range of positive effects, manifested in strengthening market positions, expanding market niches, and achieving new competitive advantages in the emerging digital economy. The application of this approach to digital transformation is conditioned by the possibility of ensuring the systematic and complex character of the processes of digitalization and digital transformation. The novelty of the authors’ approach is to distinguish the key elements of personnel work in the digital reality of socioeconomic systems used in the study through personnel technologization. The result of the research is the formation of a methodological approach to digital transformation of human resources technologies using AI elements for enterprises in the region, char-acterized by the inclusion of characteristics of the digital framework of personnel competence, aimed at recognizing patterns from a large array of data in personnel work.
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