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Title: Tools of intellectual systems in the context of problems of organization of open education
Authors: Abakumova, S. I.
Абакумова, С. И.
Suyunova, G. B.
Суюнова, Г. Б.
Keywords: Organization of open education;Tools of intellectual systems
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Information Age Publishing
Citation: Timchenko, O. V., Timchenko, A. B., Abakumova S. I., Mansurova, A. A., Suyunova, G. B. Tools of intellectual systems in the context of problems of organization of open education // Advances in Research on Russian Business and Management. - 2021. - Том 2021. - Стр.: 271 - 278
Series/Report no.: Advances in Research on Russian Business and Management
Abstract: The chapter highlights the essence, functions, and main problems of the use of intelligent educational systems of open education. The analysis of the organization of pedagogical diagnostics with the subsequent choice of an optimum educational trajectory with use of technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) is carried out. On the basis of the analysis, the directions of AI, which have a certain potential for solving pressing problems in the framework of the open education system, are highlighted. The relevance of the research topic stems from the need to integrate knowledge into a single information educational space, which is one of the most important strategic tasks of the modern university. The purpose of the use of intelligent information technology is to expand the number of tasks that can be solved with the help of a computer, which is important for poorly structured subject areas. The model of the formation of the subject areas that structure the subject taught with the preservation and distribution of linkages between them are proposed. The question of establishing flexible criteria for evaluating the success of learning with subsequent adaptation of learning paths is considered.
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