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Title: Renewal of Legal Systems in the Member States of the European Union Amidst Digital Transformation
Authors: Gabrilyan, R. R.
Габрилян, Р. Р.
Kardanova, A. K.
Карданова, А. К.
Serdyukov, A. A.
Сердюков, А. А.
Keywords: Legal system;Netherlands;Digitalization;Digital medicine;E-government;European Union;France;Germany;Reform
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Gabrilyan, R. R., Kardanova, A. K., Serdyukov, A. A. Renewal of Legal Systems in the Member States of the European Union Amidst Digital Transformation // Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation. - 2022. - Стр.: 1057 - 1061. - DOI10.1007/978-3-030-90324-4_175
Series/Report no.: Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation
Abstract: This study is designed to investigate the renewal of legal systems both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. Using various methodological techniques, the authors consider the practices of particular states. Design/Methodology/Approach With the help of general scientific methods of research, the authors provided the definition of “legal system”. The cybernetic method allowed revealing the peculiarities of the above process in the EU member states amidst digital transformation. Findings Digital technologies accompanying every person in the twenty-first century have become a force of a particular impact on all areas of life. Naturally, the legal systems of all states also fell under such influence; changes in law determine the further legitimating of the new conditions. The European Union is a unique association of states and a trendsetter in many ways when making digitalization legal. The states of the European Union influenced by common European law have started the renewal of their national legal systems. Moreover, this process is inconceivable without the cultural, national, and historical differences of the countries. Uniqueness/Value The authors proved that the transformation of the national legal system entails dramatic changes in the field of human and civil rights and freedoms. The authors also found out that renewal of legal systems amidst digitalization leads to modifications foremost in the field of lawmaking. Then, transformation moves to law enforcement. The authors noted that the legal systems of the EU states are distinguished by the huge impact of common European law on national law, which gains importance exactly in the context of digital transformation.
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