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Title: Consumer Social and Psychological Factors Influencing the Use of Genetically Modified Foods—A Review
Authors: Blinov, A. V.
Блинов, А. В.
Golik, A. B.
Голик, А. Б.
Keywords: Labeling;Social trust;Genetically modified foods;Public attitudes;Motivation;Perceptions
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Siddiqui, S.A., Asif, Z., Murid, M., Fernando, I., Adli, D.N., Blinov, A.V., Golik, A.B., Nugraha, W.S., Ibrahim, S.A., Jafari, S.M. Consumer Social and Psychological Factors Influencing the Use of Genetically Modified Foods—A Review // Sustainability (Switzerland). - 2022. - 14 (23), статья № 15884. - DOI: 10.3390/su142315884
Series/Report no.: Sustainability (Switzerland)
Abstract: Due to rapid globalization in the world, the understanding of cultural differences, such as beliefs, values, ways of thinking, and perceptions about new technologies in food processing have also increased. Since the 1990s, when genetically modified (GM) foods were introduced into the food supply, they have provoked many debates. In this review, it was identified and discussed how social and psychological factors influence public attitudes to GM foods and the perceptions of consumers in using GM foods. According to this review, GM foods are deemed unnatural and artificial, thus affecting the overall acceptance of their application. Due to the concerns about their effects on the environment and human health, people expect an assessment of the known or possible dangers, as well as the preventative management of the risks. Providing adequate information about GM foods via a compulsory labeling policy may serve as an appropriate way to increase public awareness and acceptance of GM foods.
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