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Title: Synthesis and characterization of selenium nanoparticles stabilized with cocamidopropyl betaine
Authors: Blinov, A. V.
Блинов, А. В.
Nagdalian, A. A.
Нагдалян, А. А.
Maglakelidze, D. G.
Маглакелидзе, Д. Г.
Gvozdenko, A. A.
Гвозденко, А. А.
Blinova, A. A.
Блинова, А. А.
Yasnaya, M. A.
Ясная, М. А.
Golik, A. B.
Голик, А. Б.
Keywords: Selenium nanoparticles;Cocamidopropyl betaine
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Blinov, A.V., Nagdalian, A.A., Siddiqui, S.A., Maglakelidze, D.G., Gvozdenko, A.A., Blinova, A.A., Yasnaya, M.A., Golik, A.B., Rebezov, M.B., Jafari, S.M., Shah, M.A. Synthesis and characterization of selenium nanoparticles stabilized with cocamidopropyl betaine // Scientific Reports. - 2022. - 12 (1), статья № 21975. - DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-25884-x
Series/Report no.: Scientific Reports
Abstract: In this work, selenium nanoparticles (Se NPs) stabilized with cocamidopropyl betaine were synthesized for the first time. It was observed that Se NPs synthesized in excess of selenic acid had a negative charge with ζ-potential of −21.86 mV, and in excess of cocamidopropyl betaine—a positive charge with ξ = + 22.71 mV. The resulting Se NPs with positive and negative charges had a spherical shape with an average size of about 20–30 nm and 40–50 nm, respectively. According to the data of TEM, HAADF-TEM using EDS, IR spectroscopy and quantum chemical modeling, positively charged selenium nanoparticles have a cocamidopropylbetaine shell while the potential- forming layer of negatively charged selenium nanoparticles is formed by SeO 32− ions. The influence of various ions on the sol stability of Se NPs showed that SO 42− and PO 43− ions had an effect on the positive Se NPs, and Ba 2+ and Fe 3+ ions had an effect on negative Se NPs, which corresponded with the Schulze-Hardy rule. The mechanism of coagulating action of various ions on positive and negative Se NPs was also presented. Also, influence of the active acidity of the medium on the stability of Se NPs solutions was investigated. Positive and negative sols of Se NPs had high levels of stability in the considered range of active acidity of the medium in the range of 1.21–11.98. Stability of synthesized Se NPs stability has been confirmed in real system (liquid soap). An experiment with the addition of Se NPs stabilized with cocamidopropyl betaine to liquid soap showed that the particles of dispersed phases retain their initial distributions, which revealed the stability of synthesized Se NPs.
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