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Title: Excitation autowave spreading modes in the near-electrode layer of magnetic fluid
Authors: Chekanov, V. V.
Чеканов, В. В.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Latvijas Universitate
Citation: Kandaurova, N.V., Chekanov, V.V., Chekanov, V.S. Excitation autowave spreading modes in the near-electrode layer of magnetic fluid // Magnetohydrodynamics. - 2018. - Volume 54. - Issue 1-2. - pp. 11-14.
Series/Report no.: Magnetohydrodynamics
Abstract: Autowaves arise in various media of chemical, physical, biological origin. An important example of an excitable active medium in which autowave processes occur are biological tissues, including myocardium. The spreading of the nerve impulse in the cardiac muscle is autowave by nature and obeys the universal laws of autowave spreading. Violation of the autowave spreading modes leads to serious pathologies. Control of the arising wave with the help of external influences makes it possible to eliminate such pathology. These considerations determine the importance of autowave process investigations. In this paper, we investigate the modes of autowave excitation spreading which were observed in the near-electrode layer of magnetic fluid
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