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Authors: Lazareva, N. V.
Лазарева, Н. В.
Pyanov, A. I.
Пьянов, А. И.
Keywords: Pharmacological market of Russia;Covid-19 pandemic;Generics;Fertility;Mortality;Pharmacy
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Ismailov S.G., Lazareva N.V., Rodionova V.I., Shvachkina L.A., Pyanov A.I. SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC AND ECONOMIC FACTORS OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET DEVELOPMENT IN RUSSIA // PHARMACOPHORE. - 2022. - 13 (5), 51-57. - DOI: 10.51847/YNRyDRkdzz
Series/Report no.: PHARMACOPHORE
Abstract: The events of the past 25 years have had a significant impact on the Russian industry in general, and on the production of medicines in particular. The crisis of 2014, the COVID-19 pandemic, the sanctions of 2022, and the unstable position of Russia in the international political arena – all these events had a significant impact not only on the economic condition of Russians but also on the demographic composition of the country. The Russian population continues to age, and the dynamics of the birth rate are negative, despite the attempts of the state to change the situation. The mortality rate of the population (including young people) over the past two years has significantly exceeded the figures of recent years. In addition, the unstable economic and political situation forces hundreds of thousands of young educated people to emigrate from Russia. The development of social networks, mass media, and the increase in the retirement age - all these are social factors that significantly affect the behavior of citizens during a difficult time for them, including the choice and purchase of medicines. This scientific paper describes the economic events of recent years, which have most influenced both the policy of drug manufacturers and the preferences of buyers. It also provides statistics on the Russian population by various categories and analyzes the social factors that control consumer behavior.
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