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Authors: Domenyuk, S.
Доменюк, С.
Keywords: Abnormal occlusion;Computed gnathography;Electromyography;Temporomandibular joint;Magnetic resonance imaging;Cone beam computed tomography;Transversal divergent occlusion
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Domenyuk, D; Kochkonyan, T; Shkarin, V; Dmitrienko, S; Domenyuk, S. CONCEPTUAL APPROACH TO DIAGNOSING AND TREATING DENTOALVEOLAR TRANSVERSAL DIVERGENT OCCLUSION // ARCHIV EUROMEDICA. - 2022. - 12 (3). - DOI 10.35630/2199-885X/2022/12/3.25
Series/Report no.: ARCHIV EUROMEDICA
Abstract: The results of clinical, photometric, morphometric, radiological and functional studies were employed to develop an advanced methodology for treating patients with dentoalveolar transversal divergent occlusion. The dentoalveolar type of transversal divergent occlusion has been identified as being both an independent nosological issue and can be combined with other issues and deformations affecting dentoalveolar arches. The developed concept for comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with dentoalveolar transversal divergent occlusion complicated by dentition issues has a following algorithm: counseling, diagnosis, splint treatment using a distracting splint, previously completed orthodontic treatment, splint treatment using a stabilizing splint, final orthodontic treatment, aesthetic and functional prosthetics. Comprehensive rehabilitation offered to patients with dentoalveolar transversal divergent occlusion is aimed at improving the jaw bones position and the occlusion. Thus, it creates multiple fissure-tubercle dentition contacts; stabilizes the lower jaw position; improves position of intra-articular structures. The comprehensive rehabilitation enable eliminating functional disorders, muscle excessive tension and pain symptom. In general, the face profile as well as the occlusal plane horizontal position is improved.
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