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Title: Calculations of Ejector Pump Operating Conditions After Hydraulic Fracturing
Authors: Verisokin, A. E.
Верисокин, А. Е.
Dimitriadi, J. K.
Димитриади, Ю. К.
Kaverzin, S. A.
Каверзин, С. А.
Muradkhanov, I. V.
Мурадханов, И. В.
Fedorova, N. G.
Федорова, Н. Г.
Keywords: Ejector pump;Hydraulic fracturing;Bottomhole zone;Oil;Proppant
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Verisokin, A.E., Dimitriadi, Y.K., Kaverzin, S.A., Muradkhanov, I.V., Fedorova, N.G. Calculations of Ejector Pump Operating Conditions After Hydraulic Fracturing // Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. - 2023. - 971 LNEE, 30-37. - DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-20631-3_4
Series/Report no.: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Abstract: The article describes the calculations of ejector pump operating conditions. A dimensionless characteristic of the ejector pump is used for reliable calculations. A diagram is built that helps finding the minimally permitted time for stimulating wells by an ejector pump in practical conditions. A formula is given to find the minimally required time for recording the pressure build up curve. It is noted that using an ejector pump allows finding filtration characteristics of the productive formation.
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