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Authors: Anfinogenova, O. I.
Анфиногенова, О. И.
Muratova, A. Y.
Муратова, А. Ю.
Vlasov, A. A.
Власов, А. А.
Elkanova, A. B.
Эльканова, А. Б.
Keywords: Biomarkers of inflammation;Bacteriological examination;Sepsis;Intensive care unit (ICU) patients;Procalcitotnin (PCT);Blood gases;Systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Anfinogenova, O; Muratova, A; Vlasov, A; Elkanova, A; Dolgova, I; Domenyuk, D. PROGNOSTIC EVALUATION OF LABORATORY BLOOD PARAMETERS IN SEPTIC PATIENTS OF INTENSIVE CARE UNIT // ARCHIV EUROMEDICA. - 2022. - 12 (6). - DOI: 10.35630/2022/12/6.4
Series/Report no.: ARCHIV EUROMEDICA
Abstract: Sepsis is a serious disease accompanied by the development of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The informativeness of existing diagnostic markers of sepsis at various stages of its development remains controversial. Research into septic conditions has led to significant progress in determining the body’s response to infection. The search for laboratory indicators capable of indicating the prognosis of the disease is an important diagnostic criterion in the timely treatment and prevention of sepsis in hospital treatment. The publication presents data from a survey of the studied changes in arterial blood parameters in septic patients with a prognostic assessment. The indicators of biomarkers of inflammation in septic patients were analyzed, the tinctorial and other bacteriological properties of pathogens in the development of generalized sepsis were evaluated, the components influencing the favorable and unfavorable outcome of the disease were determined in the research. The identification of laboratory parameters that help to give the real assessment of the severity and prognosis of the disease in patients of the intensive care unit in a timely manner will allow you to choose effective treatment methods, timely adjust the prescribed therapy and reduce the number of deaths.
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