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dc.contributor.authorAksenov, D. A.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, Д. А.-
dc.contributor.authorAkulova, A. S.-
dc.contributor.authorАкулова, А. С.-
dc.contributor.authorAleksandrova, E. A.-
dc.contributor.authorАлександрова, Е. А.-
dc.contributor.authorAksenov, N. A.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, Н. А.-
dc.contributor.authorLeontiev, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorЛеонтьев, А. В.-
dc.contributor.authorAksenov, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, А. В.-
dc.identifier.citationAksenov, D.A., Akulova, A.S., Aleksandrova, E.A., Aksenov, N.A., Leontiev, A.V., Aksenov, A.V. An Effective Synthesis of Previously Unknown 7-Aryl Substituted Paullones // Molecules. - 2023. - 28(5), art. no. 2324. - DOI: 10.3390/molecules28052324ru
dc.description.abstractA straightforward three-step procedure affording a wide range of novel 7-aryl substituted paullone derivatives was developed. This scaffold is structurally similar to 2-(1H-indol-3-yl)acetamides-promising antitumor agents-hence, could be useful for the development of a new class of anticancer
dc.subjectAnticancer drug discoveryru
dc.subjectPaullones synthesisru
dc.subjectFisher indolizationru
dc.titleAn Effective Synthesis of Previously Unknown 7-Aryl Substituted Paullonesru
vkr.instХимико-фармацевтический факультетru
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