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Title: Somatic burden in Russia during the COVID- 19 pandemic
Authors: Belasheva, I. V.
Белашева, И. В.
Keywords: Somatic burden;Covid-19 pandemic;Somatic Symptom Scale-8;SARS-CoV-2
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Zolotareva, A., Khegay, A., Voevodina, E., Kritsky, I., Ibragimov, R., Nizovskih, N., Konstantinov, V., Malenova, A., Belasheva, I., Khodyreva, N., Preobrazhensky, V., Azanova, K., Sarapultseva, L., Galimova, A., Atamanova, I., Kulik, A., Neyaskina, Y., Lapshin, M., Mamonova, M., Kadyrov, R., Volkova, E., Drachkova, V., Seryy, A., Kosheleva, N., Osin, E. Somatic burden in Russia during the COVID- 19 pandemic // PLoS ONE. - 2023. - 18(3 March), art. no. e0282345. - DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0282345
Series/Report no.: PLoS ONE
Abstract: Somatic burden has become one of the most common psychological reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. This study examined the prevalence of somatic burden, latent profiles, and associated factors of somatic symptoms during the pandemic in a large sample of Russians. We used cross-sectional data from 10,205 Russians collected during October-December, 2021. Prevalence of somatic burden was assessed with the Somatic Symptom Scale-8. Latent profiles of somatic burden were identified using latent profile analysis. Multinomial logistic regression was used to examine demographic, socioeconomic, and psychological associated factors of somatic burden. Over one-third (37%) of the Russians reported being somatised. We selected the three-latent profile solution with highsomatic burden profile (16%), medium somatic burden profile (37%), and low somatic burden profile (47%). The associated factors of greater somatic burden were female gender, lower education, history of COVID-19 disease, refusing vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infection, poorer self-rated health, greater fear of COVID-19 pandemic, and living in regionswith higher excess mortality. Overall, this study contributes to knowledge about the prevalence, latent profiles, and associated factors of somatic burden during the COVID-19.
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