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Title: Particle aggregation in magnetic fluid layer in electric field
Authors: Larionov, Y. A.
Ларионов, Ю. А.
Kozhevnikov, V. M.
Кожевников, В. М.
Chuenkova, I. Y.
Чуенкова, И. Ю.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Latvijas Universitate
Citation: Larionov, Y.A., Kozhevnikov, V.M., Chuenkova, I.Y., Antonova, A.A. Particle aggregation in magnetic fluid layer in electric field // Magnetohydrodynamics. - 2018. - Volume 54. - Issue 1-2. - pp. 85-90.
Series/Report no.: Magnetohydrodynamics
Abstract: The action of a DC electric field directed perpendicularly to an initially homogeneous magnetic fluid (MF) layer gives rise to a new, more concentrated phase, i.e. microdrop formations in the near-electrode layer at a threshold field. Despite of the thorough enough studies [2-8], the fundamental understanding of the structure formation and near-electrode layer properties is still the question of debate
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