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Title: Effects of functional poultry products on some indicators of homeostasis in laboratory models
Authors: Serov, A. V.
Серов, А. В.
Keywords: Functional poultry products;Homeostasis
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Sevostyanova, O.I., Orobets, V.A., Serov, A.V., Kireev, I.V., Kastarnova, E.S. Effects of functional poultry products on some indicators of homeostasis in laboratory models // AIP Conference Proceedings. - 2023. - 2817, статья № 020028. - DOI: 10.1063/5.0148367
Series/Report no.: AIP Conference Proceedings
Abstract: An aggregation-resistant polynutrient complex based on nanosized selenium has been developed, the use of which has made it possible to obtain poultry products with functional characteristics. The influence of functional poultry meat on some indicators of homeostasis of laboratory models was studied. Experimental animals received an identical diet, differing only in the meat component: group 1 served as control; the diet of group 2 rats contained poultry meat enriched with essential nutrients. During the observation period of 5 weeks, it was found that the use of functional poultry meat products does not adversely affect the body mass index of experimental animals. The parameters of the hematological analysis of the blood of experimental animals correspond to the "growing up"component. At the same time, in group 2, the number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin content exceeded the control parameters, which suggests that the recorded dynamics of changes is due to the consumption of functional products, namely, a moderately stimulating effect of essential nutrients on erythropoiesis. The dynamics of changes in the level of creatinine and glucose in correlation with the value of malondialdehyde and catalase activity in group 2 rats suggests that the use of functional products improves the antioxidant status of the body and increases its adaptive reserve.
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