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Title: Fabrication and optical properties of YSAG:Cr optical ceramics
Authors: Tarala, V. A.
Тарала, В. А.
Suprunchuk, V. E.
Супрунчук, В. Е.
Kravtsov, A. A.
Кравцов, А. А.
Malyavin, F. F.
Малявин, Ф. Ф.
Vakalov, D. S.
Вакалов, Д. С.
Tarala, L. V.
Тарала, Л. В.
Lapin, V. A.
Лапин, В. А.
Chapura, O. M.
Чапура, О. М.
Medyanik, E. V.
Медяник, Е. В.
Dziov, D. T.
Дзиов, Д. Т.
Kuznetsov, S. V.
Кузнецов, С. В.
Keywords: Ceramics;Solid solution;Luminescence;Optical properties;YSAG
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Tarala, V.A., Suprunchuk, V.E., Kravtsov, A.A., Malyavin, F.F., Vakalov, D.S., Tarala, L.V., Lapin, V.A., Chapura, O.M., Medyanik, E.V., Dziov, D.T., Kuznetsov, S.V. Fabrication and optical properties of YSAG:Cr optical ceramics // Ceramics International. - 2023. - 49 (19), pp. 32127-32135. - DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2023.07.181
Series/Report no.: Ceramics International
Abstract: YSAG:Cr3+ optical ceramics with compositions Y2.8Sc1.2Cr0.005Al3.995O12, and Y2,88Сr0,005Sc0.2Al4,915O12 were fabricated for the first time. The linear transmittances of the ceramic samples exceeded 80% in the visible and IR regions. It was observed that as the concentration of scandium in YSAG:Cr3+ solid solutions increased, the refractive index of ceramics at a wavelength of 632.8 nm increased from 1.828 ± 0.005 to 1.857 ± 0.005. The effect of scandium cations on the spectral-luminescent properties of Cr3+ cations in the crystal lattice of yttrium-scandium-aluminum garnet was also investigated. It was demonstrated that as the scandium content in dodecahedral site increased from 4 to 50 at%, the effective lifetime of excited states of Cr3+ cations increased from 1.71 ms to 2.72 ms. On the contrary, as scandium content in octahedral site increased, the effective lifetime of excited states of Cr3+ cations decreased from 1.71 ms to 0.71 ms.
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