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Title: Influence of Complexation with β- and γ-Cyclodextrin on Bioactivity of Whey and Colostrum Peptides
Authors: Lodygin, A. D.
Лодыгин, А. Д.
Alieva, L. R.
Алиева, Л. Р.
Evdokimov, I. A.
Евдокимов, И. А.
Keywords: γ-cyclodextrin;β-cyclodextrin;Antigenic properties;Antimutagenic effect;Antioxidant activity;Colostrum;Enzymatic hydrolysate;Inclusion complexes
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Halavach, T.M., Kurchenko, V.P., Tarun, E.I., Dudchik, N.V., Yatskou, M.M., Lodygin, A.D., Alieva, L.R., Evdokimov, I.A., Ulrih, N.P. Influence of Complexation with β- and γ-Cyclodextrin on Bioactivity of Whey and Colostrum Peptides // International Journal of Molecular Sciences. - 2023. - 24 (18). - статья № 13987. - DOI: 10.3390/ijms241813987
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Abstract: Dairy protein hydrolysates possess a broad spectrum of bioactivity and hypoallergenic properties, as well as pronounced bitter taste. The bitterness is reduced by complexing the proteolysis products with cyclodextrins (CDs), and it is also important to study the bioactivity of the peptides in inclusion complexes. Hydrolysates of whey and colostrum proteins with extensive hydrolysis degree and their complexes with β/γ-CD were obtained in the present study, and comprehensive comparative analysis of the experimental samples was performed. The interaction of CD with peptides was confirmed via different methods. Bioactivity of the initial hydrolysates and their complexes were evaluated. Antioxidant activity (AOA) was determined by fluorescence reduction of fluorescein in the Fenton system. Antigenic properties were studied by competitive enzyme immunoassay. Antimutagenic effect was estimated in the Ames test. According to the experimental data, a 2.17/2.78-fold and 1.45/2.14-fold increase in the AOA was found in the β/γ-CD interaction with whey and colostrum hydrolysates, respectively. A 5.6/5.3-fold decrease in the antigenicity of whey peptides in complex with β/γ-CD was detected, while the antimutagenic effect in the host–guest systems was comparable to the initial hydrolysates. Thus, bioactive CD complexes with dairy peptides were obtained. Complexes are applicable as a component of specialized foods (sports, diet).
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