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Title: Legal conflicts resolution in customary law of peoples of the world
Authors: Klyukovskaya, I. N.
Клюковская, И. Н.
Demchenko, T. I.
Демченко, Т. И.
Gabrilyan, R. R.
Габрилян, Р. Р.
Kardanova, A. K.
Карданова, А. К.
Popova, L. A.
Попова, Л. А.
Keywords: Adat;Conciliation;Conflict;Court;Custom;Customary Law;Legal Dispute;Legal Pluralism;Mediation;Oceania;The Far North;The North Caucasus
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Serials Publications
Citation: Klyukovskaya, I.N., Demchenko, T.I., Gabrilyan, R.R., Kardanova, A.K., Popova, L.A. Legal conflicts resolution in customary law of peoples of the world // Man in India. - 2017. - Volume 97. - Issue 22. - Pages 243-258
Series/Report no.: Man in India
Abstract: This article explores the ways of resolving legal disputes in customary law of various nations, analyzes the problems of using the achievements of customary law in the resolution of legal disputes in the legal systems of modern states. Using certain methods of research, especially historical and comparative legal methods, with respect to the regions analyzed in this article-the Far North, the Northern Caucasus and Oceania, the authors highlighted the circumstances that led to the formation of methods of conflict resolution in customary law. The article reveals the role of both leaders and ordinary community members in the resolution of legal conflicts. The authors made a conclusion about the positive influence of customary law on positive law, in particular in the elaboration of such not typical for it ways of resolving legal disputes as conciliation procedures. The scientific novelty of the paper is in improving the current ways of resolving legal disputes based on rules of customary law
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