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Title: Elections and referendums in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Current issues and areas for improvement
Authors: Tsapko, M. I.
Цапко, М. И.
Gondarenko, A. S.
Гондаренко, А. С.
Griaznov, D. G.
Грязнов, Д. Г.
Reshetnikova, I. V.
Решетникова, И. В.
Shcherbakova, O. V.
Щербакова, О. В.
Keywords: Absenteeism;Agents of candidates;Candidates for deputies;Changing borders of the regions;Constituent entity of the Russian Federation;Election campaign;Electoral associations;Electoral legislation;Political parties;Recall of elected officials;Referendums;Rights of the voters
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Serials Publications
Citation: Tsapko, M.I., Gondarenko, A.S., Gryaznov, D.G., Reshetnikova, I.V., Shcherbakova, O.V. Elections and referendums in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Current issues andareas for improvement // Man in India. - 2017. - Volume 97. - Issue 23. - Pages 485-493
Series/Report no.: Man in India
Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of the system of elections and referendums in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation as component parts of a single federal state. The analysis of both federal and regional legislation on elections and referendums was made in the work. Not only the amendments to the existing normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and its subjects are offered, but also the introduction of new forms of direct democracy at the regional level - a referendum on changing the borders of the Russian Federation subjects and the improvement of the voting procedure for the recall of the regional government elected officials - is justified. Also, the article justifies the improvement of the legislative consolidation of the primaries procedure in the regional elections and the application of electronic democracy methods in the electoral process of the Russian regions
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