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Title: Green Infrastructure as a Factor in Ensuring Sustainable Development
Authors: Babich, A. G.
Бабич, А. Г.
Keywords: Green infrastructure;Sustainable development
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Babich, A., Alkhanov, N., Baikhanov, A. Green Infrastructure as a Factor in Ensuring Sustainable Development // BIO Web of Conferences. - 2023. - 63. - статья № 07001. - DOI: 10.1051/bioconf/20236307001
Series/Report no.: BIO Web of Conferences
Abstract: Modern rates of urbanization have a negative impact on the natural objects of cities. In turn, residents expect high living standards. To cope with this contradiction allows the competent management of green infrastructure, which underlies the resilience of the city. It is important to note that not only the state is a participant in the development of the green infrastructure of the city. The researchers found that the active position of citizens also makes a significant contribution to its development. Therefore, reaching out to citizens, as well as increasing their interest in city issues, is an integral part of green infrastructure management. Under the influence of modern technologies, communication has changed in recent years. According to statistics, Russians spend an average of three hours a day on the Internet. In this regard, the management approach cannot remain unchanged: it is necessary to actively introduce new communication channels. Thus, in the field of management, the term e-governance (e-governance) has become popular, which implies the use of information and communication technologies in the management processes of the state. E-governance is directly related to the use of electronic devices that improve internal and external government relations, promote the economy and the efficient provision of services.
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