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Title: Modified dry construction mixture for additive technologies
Authors: Shvachev, D. P.
Швачев, Д. П.
Borisenko, Y. G.
Борисенко, Ю. Г.
Vorobyev, D. A.
Воробьев, Д. А.
Kornienko, V. V.
Корниенко, В. В.
Keywords: Additive technologies;Dry construction mixture
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Shvachev, D., Borisenko, Y., Vorobyev, D., Kornienko, V. Modified dry construction mixture for additive technologies // E3S Web of Conferences. - 2023. - 457. - статья № 01011. - DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202345701011
Series/Report no.: E3S Web of Conferences
Abstract: The article briefly considers the process of construction methods development, naturally turning into modern additive technologies. The main problems of construction 3D printing are formulated. The results of laboratory studies of a dry building mix based on cement with the addition of sunflower ash are presented. The most efficient technology for mixing components has been proposed, the compositions of modified mixtures have been developed. Regularities of the effect of ash concentration on the rate of hardening and strength characteristics of the specimens have been established. The optimal content of the modifying additive from ash has been established, further ways of researching the material for additive building technologies have been proposed.
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