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Title: Semiotic models in museum communication
Authors: Plokhotnyuk, V. S.
Плохотнюк, В. С.
Mitrofanenko, L. M.
Митрофаненко, Л. М.
Keywords: Connotation;Denotation;Exposition;Museum collection;Paradigm;Semiotic model;Syntagma
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Comenius University in Bratislava
Citation: Plokhotnyuk, V., Mitrofanenko, L. Semiotic models in museum communication // Muzeologia a Kulturne Dedicstvo. - 2018. - Volume 6. - Issue 1. - pp. 21-31.
Series/Report no.: Muzeologia a Kulturne Dedicstvo
Abstract: This article proposes a way of formalizing the description of various types of relations between the elements of museum communication based on the semiotic approach and the concepts introduced by F. de Saussure, C.S. Pierce and C.W. Morris. Semiotic models can be used to explain the specifics of museum communication for museum studies and as a methodological basis for developing various versions of databases or other software for museum affairs
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