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Title: Corporate accelerators as a tool of crisis management
Authors: Parakhina, V. N.
Парахина, В. Н.
Kafyan, K. A.
Кафян, К. А.
Boris, O. A.
Борис, О. А.
Gorbenko, L. I.
Горбенко, Л. И.
Keywords: Accelerators corporate;Advantages of corporate accelerators;Business accelerators;Crisis management;Development history;Features;Innovation;Objects;Open innovation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Revista Espacios
Citation: Parakhina, V.N., Kafyan, K.A., Boris, O.A., Gorbenko, L.I. Corporate accelerators as a tool of crisis management // Espacios. - 2018. - Volume 39. - Issue 12. - статья № 2.
Series/Report no.: Espacios
Abstract: In crisis conditions, a corporation needs to accelerate the development and implementation of innovations. To solve this problem, the development of corporate accelerators occurs rapidly. They are peculiar for the global nature and creation of local sites in different countries. The article describes the history and development of corporate accelerators in Russia and abroad. The essence, features, and advantages of the business and corporate accelerators are characterized. The main goals of corporate accelerators are distinguished: 1) quick search for new ideas and technologies for a specific task in the external market; 2) quick development of internal ideas for finished projects or products and their commercialization. It is concluded that corporate accelerators allow corporations to interact with external environment in the process of innovative activities for exchanging technologies, knowledge, and competences
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