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Title: Study of tendencies of formation and evaluation of HR innovational potential of the regions of the Russian Federation
Authors: Parakhina, V. N.
Парахина, В. Н.
Ustaev, R. M.
Устаев, Р. М.
Boris, O. A.
Борис, О. А.
Maksimenko, L. S.
Максименко, Л. С.
Belousov, I. N.
Белоусов, И. Н.
Keywords: Comparative analysis;Evaluation;Innovational development;Personnel innovational potential;Region;Use of potential
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Physica-Verlag
Citation: Parakhina, V.N., Ustaev, R.M., Boris, O.A., Maximenko, L.S., Belousov, I.N. Study of tendencies of formation and evaluation of HR innovational potential of the regions of the Russian Federation // Contributions to Economics. - 2017. - Issue 9783319606958. - Pages 295-301
Series/Report no.: Contributions to Economics
Abstract: In the modern globalizing world, competitiveness and success of development of national economy depend on timely response to the processes of modernization, oriented at cardinal changes in development and requiring new level of qualification and training of personnel. Therefore, effective management of professional training and retraining of personnel and rational use of HR innovational potential are among the main factors for innovational development of economy of the country on the whole and of each region in particular. The purpose of the research is evaluation and comparative analysis of HR of innovational potential, as well as determination of peculiarities of its territorial formation and development. The offered methodology of evaluation of innovativeness of HR potential allows assessing the general level of HR innovational potential and of the main parameters which characterize it. Also, this methodology is convenient for comparing territorial values of the level of HR innovational potential. Based on the results of the analysis of the level of HR innovational potential of the federal districts and of the Russian Federation on the whole, the leading regions (Central and Northwestern Federal District) and outsiders (North Caucasian and Far Eastern Federal Districts) were determined. The level of HR innovational potential of Stavropol Krai, as a subject-leader of the North Caucasian Federal District, was determined with the help of a special scale. The results of this calculation show average level of innovativeness of personnel in the krai, though its use is organized on a rather high level. Recommendations are given for increase of the level of HR innovational potential with the use of institutional approach in development and the system of perfection of management of HR innovational potential
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