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Title: A methodology for comprehensive analysis of agricultural development management problems
Authors: Gorlov, S. M.
Горлов, С. М.
Krivorotova, N. F.
Криворотова, Н. Ф.
Dotdueva, Z. S.
Дотдуева, З. С.
Syromyatnikov, D. A.
Сыромятников, Д. А.
Keywords: Agricultural;Management problems;National economy
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Revista Espacios
Citation: Gorlov, S.M., Krivorotova, N.F., Dotdueva, Z.S., Syromyatnikov, D.A., Litvin, D.B. A methodology for comprehensive analysis of agricultural development management problems // Espacios. - 2018. - Volume 39. - Issue 27. - 13p
Series/Report no.: Espacios
Abstract: The study of the relevance of the developing management trends in agriculture is rationalized by the fact that the agrarian sector is one of the most important and most dynamically developing sectors of the national economy. The aim of the study is to identify and systematize the methodological prerequisites for solving the problems of sustainable development of rural areas and their management. It was concluded that the sustainable development of rural areas contributed to the fulfillment of their economic functions, including the provision of food, agricultural raw stock, public goods, the production of goods and services, the preservation of the rural way of life and rural culture, enhanced reproduction of the population, development of public welfare and living standards, maintaining the ecological balance in the biosphere, as well as overcoming the interagency disunity between various levels of governance when deciding on the development of rural areas, which implied social partnership among the rural population, regions and the state. This made it possible to deepen the understanding of the nature of the emergence of agrarian crises and to justify the stability of the crisis trend as an initial prerequisite for the formation of a system for managing the development of both the entire economy and the agricultural sector, particularly in the context of analysis of the cyclical development of the economy and modern crisis theories
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