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Title: Marketing planning in industrial enterprises in the context of import substitution strategy
Authors: Fursov, V. A.
Фурсов, В. А.
Keywords: Import substitution industrialization;Industry;Innovation;Marketing;Planning
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Serials Publications
Citation: Konovalov, V.B., Tikhonov, A.I., Fursov, V.A., Sogacheva, O.V., Pyanova, N.V. Marketing planning in industrial enterprises in the context of import substitution strategy // International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research. - 2017. - Volume 15. - Issue 12. - Pages 171-182
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
Abstract: Under the conditions of modern Russian economy, marketing activity of industrial enterprises is a defining tool in their competitive practices. It creates conditions that help to satisfy customers' needs in the context of import substitution. Planning is considered as one of the most important functions of long-term growth management of an industrial enterprise. Given the current instability of the environment, the marketing plan can be considered as a tool of analysis and control, and it gives long-term competitive advantages to an industrial enterprise on the market. Implementation of complex marketing communications representing the whole range of interactions with suppliers, customers and the media, including advertising, sales promotion, personal sales and public relations, will enhance the effectiveness of promotion of a new industrial product on the market. This study substantiates the importance of the marketing activities planning in the development of domestic industry. It forms proposals for the development of effective marketing plans and explores marketing communication tools for specific companies of the Rostov region. This article may have theoretical and practical importance, and the information it supplies can be used in the activities of regional authorities and in the planning of marketing activities by Russian and foreign industrial enterprises
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