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Title: Modern technologies in public administration management: a comparison of Estonia, India and United Kingdom
Authors: Kalyugina, S. N.
Калюгина, С. Н.
Keywords: E-governance;ICTs;Public governance;State and municipal management
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest
Citation: Strielkowski, W., Gryshova, I., Kalyugina, S. Modern technologies in public administration management: A comparison of Estonia, India and United Kingdom // Administratie si Management Public. - 2017. - Volume 2017. - Issue 28. - Pages 174-185
Series/Report no.: Administratie si Management Public
Abstract: Our paper focuses on the use of modern technologies in public governance in public sector management. We apply the multidisciplinary cross-country comparison of the three countries represented by Estonia, India and the United Kingdom and analyse the depth of use and the functionality of ICT in public sector (voting, biometric identification and personal IDs). Our results show that if properly implemented and managed, novel information and communication technologies (ICTs) might represent a breakthrough in traditional state and municipal management. However, the governments interested in implementing these technologies should also ensure the personal data protection of its citizens as well as to be ready to face security attacks from hacker groups and hostile regimes. Our results might be relevant for policy-makers and stakeholders in the countries considering the implementation of similar schemes in their public administration management. Our findings might help to channel the consideration which ICT e-government scheme might be better to implement and to use and what to expect from its usage and implementation
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