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Title: British policy in the Greater Caucasus in 1918-1920 in the memoirs of A. Rowlinson and K. Bechhofer
Authors: Ambartsumyan, K. R.
Амбарцумян, К. Р.
Keywords: Great Caucasus;Travelogue;A. Rowlinson;K. Bechhofer;Foreign affairs;Intellectual history;Ego documents
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Ambartsumyan, K. British policy in the Greater Caucasus in 1918-1920 in the memoirs of A. Rowlinson and K. Bechhofer // DIALOG SO VREMENEM-DIALOGUE WITH TIME. - 2018. - Выпуск: 64. - Стр.: 296-312
Series/Report no.: Dialog so Vremenem
Abstract: In the article, the author tries to investigate events in connection with their interpretation by participants and witnesses. For the comparative analysis, the memoirs of two historical figures are chosen: the English journalist K. Bechhofer and the military leader A. Rowlinson. The first of them was the witness, the second - a participant in the military mission of England in the Caucasus at about the same time (1918-1920). This period was the time after the disengagement of the Caucasus region from Russia and before full inclusion in the Soviet state. Their social experience, views, persuasions and professional affiliation determined the polarity of assessments regarding the effectiveness of British policy in the region. Comparative research has allowed finding common features of perception, generated by elements of Orientalist and imperial consciousness, and specific features in the understanding of the British administration work in the region
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