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Title: An abstract dual propositional model counter
Authors: Holldobler, S.
Keywords: Formal framework;Non-dual;Propositional formulas;Real-world problem
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: CEUR-WS
Citation: Biere, A., Hölldobler, S., Möhle, S. An abstract dual propositional model counter // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. - 2017. - Volume 1837. - Pages 17-26
Series/Report no.: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Abstract: Various real-world problems can be formulated as the task of counting the models of a propositional formula. This problem, also called #SAT, is therefore of practical relevance. We present a formal framework describing a novel approach based on considering the formula in question together with its negation. This method enables us to close search branches earlier. We formalize a non-dual variant and argue that our framework is sound
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