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Title: Reliability and external validity of the six scales of 72-item sleep-wake pattern assessment questionnaire (SWPAQ)
Authors: Budkevich, E. V.
Будкевич, Е. В.
Budkevich, R. O.
Будкевич, Р. О.
Keywords: Chronotype;Factor analysis;Internal consistency;Reliability;Sleep–wake adaptability;Validation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Citation: Putilov, A.A., Donskaya, O.G., Budkevich, E.V., Budkevich, R.O. Reliability and external validity of the six scales of 72-item Sleep-Wake Pattern Assessment Questionnaire (SWPAQ) // Biological Rhythm Research. - 2017. - Volume 48. - Issue 2. - Pages 275-285
Series/Report no.: Biological Rhythm Research
Abstract: The 72-item Sleep-Wake Pattern Assessment Questionnaire (SWPAQ) provides possibility to self-assess individual variation along as many as 6 factorial dimensions. We examined reliability and external validity of each of its 12-item scales, E, M, W, V, F, and S (evening and morning lateness, anytime and daytime wakeability, anytime and night-time sleepability, respectively). Questionnaire data were collected from residents of Novosibirsk and two smaller Russian cities (N = 755 and 720, respectively). Analysis of these two data-sets suggested good and acceptable internal consistency of each of the scales, respectively. Evidence for external validity of each of the 6 scales was obtained by applying stepwise linear regression analysis to data collected from 160 participants of sleep deprivation experiments who were asked to self-report 6 characteristics of their sleep for a week prior to the experiment. As expected, predictors of scales? scores were a later self-reported time for going to bed (E, W), an earlier/later time for final awakening (W/M), a shorter/longer sleep latency (F, S/E), a shorter/longer total sleep time (W + V/F), a lower/higher sleep satisfaction score (M/W + V), a lower/higher nap frequency (V/F), and a lower self-scored sleepiness after deprivation from sleep for a night (W, V)
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