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Title: Ureas as a new nucleophilic reagents for SNAr amination and carbamoyl amination reactions in 1,3,7-triazapyrene series
Authors: Borovlev, I. V.
Боровлев, И. В.
Demidov, O. P.
Демидов, О. П.
Amangasieva, G. A.
Амангазиева, Г. А.
Avakyan, E. K.
Авакян, Е. К.
Kurnosova, N. A.
Курносова, Н. А.
Keywords: Anion;Dimethyl sulfoxide;Nucleophile;Palladium;Pyrene derivative;Urea derivative
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: HeteroCorporation
Citation: Borovlev, I., Demidov, O., Amangasieva, G., Avakyan, E., Kurnosova, N. Ureas as a New Nucleophilic Reagents for SNAr Amination and Carbamoyl Amination Reactions in 1,3,7-Triazapyrene Series // Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry. - 2017. - Volume 54. - Issue 1. - Pages 406-412
Series/Report no.: Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
Abstract: The ability of urea anions to react as nucleophiles with alkoxy derivatives of 1,3,7-triazapyrenes has been investigated. It was found that against all expectations, the products of the substitution of an alkoxy groups (SN ipso) by amino group were isolated in good yields. The reactions proceed in anhydrous dimethyl sulfoxide solution at room temperature. But when anions of the mono-substituted ureas containing bulky substituents were used, the first products of the earlier unknown SNAr reactions of alkyl carbamoyl amination were obtained
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