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Title: Importance of family law in politics of the florentine commune: the case of firidolfi vendetta
Authors: Krasnova, I. A.
Краснова, И. А.
Keywords: Municipal law;Pluralism of judicial systems;Family-consortia;Family law;Vendetta;Judicial tribunals;Expansion to contado;The practice of reconciliation
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Krasnova, I. Importance of Family Law in Politics of the Florentine Commune: the Case of Firidolfi Vendetta // ISTORIYA-ELEKTRONNYI NAUCHNO-OBRAZOVATELNYI ZHURNAL. - 2017. - Том: 8. - Выпуск: 6
Series/Report no.: Istoriya
Abstract: In one incident, the vendetta, which was done by the members of the Firidolfi da Panzano clan-consortia, in relation to their relatives Gherardini, the value of family and tribal rights in communal society of Florence in the XIV century is revealing. Consider the incident to further substantiate the thesis of the Italian historian Andrea Zorzi about the late middle aged cities-communes legal and judicial systems pluralism, where the vendetta was recognized as city legislation as a legitimate judicial practice, which often took preference over the municipal tribunals decisions. Investigated incident of accomplishment vendetta allows us to trace the whole ritual vendetta, which the members of Firidolfi da Panzano family sought to keep: participation in the vengeance of all kinds, openness and publicity of revenge, the strict correspondence of punishment to the crime or caused the offense, the presence of a worthy enemy, possessing equal courage and prower to those who were taking revenge. Vendetta was accompanied by certain practices of reconciliation: the initiative could be taked by the city municipality and in this case peace between the warring families was concluded with the city government structures mediation. But the duty of reconciliation could be entrusted to private arbitrators - most respected citizens in city society. In any case, it was made out notarial acts. The specifics of the case consisted in the fact that the Florentine Signoria took advantage of the Firidolfi da Panzano vendetta in relation to Gherardini for their own purposes, as an excuse for interference in the Affairs of the commune of Prato, Gherardini was patronized by its rulers. The head of the Firidolfi family, Luca da Panzano armed at his own expense more than hundred of konsorts to participate in the Florentine march against Prato. This confirms the conclusion that the city-state not only suppressed intra-clan jurisdiction, but with a sufficient degree of flexibility used it in communal interests
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