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Title: On Communicative and Didactic Aspects of Mapping An Individual Study Pathway in Electronic Educational Environment
Authors: Taratuhina, Y.
Таратухина, Ю.
Markaryan, M.
Маркарян, М.
Bezus, S.
Безус, С.
Keywords: Electronic educational environment;Constructive learning;Individual study pathway
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Taratuhina, Y; Markaryan, M; Bezus, S. On Communicative and Didactic Aspects of Mapping An Individual Study Pathway in Electronic Educational Environment // STRATEGIC INNOVATIVE MARKETING. Серия книг: Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. - 2017. - Стр.: 591-599
Abstract: The paper dwells on theoretical grounds for mapping an individual study pathway in electronic educational environment. Here, individual study pathway is viewed as a purposeful plan of a person's competence profile. Also, the chapter points out parameters for designing a model of individual study pathway. Currently, one can easily state that the major objective of the modern education is to get a person prepared for living in the rapidly changing world with its global-oriented multi-cultural environment. In its essence, global education unites various educational systems and models, based on divergent cultural, religious, philosophical outlooks. Building up a unified educational environment is one of the top priorities for the nearest future. However, this is not an easy task, and is based on preserving national identity on the one hand, and involving cultural and educational integration on the other. Today's concept of education means lifelong learning. These processes cause the knowledge-based approach in education to be gradually replaced by competence-based one. Nowadays we can witness a number of educational processes migrating into the Internet and, consequently, they are becoming more transparent and more or less multi-cultural. It is obvious that with the application of electronic educational environment (EEE) the didactic functions of a tutor will be changed, and the whole educational process will become autodidactic. And, before mapping an individual study pathway, one must decide how this individualistic approach will be applied in EEE where there is no immediate communication between students and tutors. When studying via the information technologies, a student is supposed to develop individual learning skills and to get well acquainted with the up-to-date online education technologies, which means that the student's self-motivation becomes a more important factor
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