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Title: Creating methodological instruments for innovation project assessment under uncertainty conditions
Authors: Manuylenko, V. V.
Мануйленко, В. В.
Keywords: Improvement project;Innovation;Innovation risk;Innovation stability;Innovation uncertainty;Real options
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ASERS Publishing House
Citation: Manuylenko, V.V., Mishchenko, A.A., Mishchenko, I.S., Sadovskaya, T.A. Creating methodological instruments for innovation project assessment under uncertainty conditions // Journal of Applied Economic Sciences. - 2016. - Volume 11. - Issue 4. - Pages 747-761
Series/Report no.: Journal of Applied Economic Sciences
Abstract: The research evidences that there is no uniform approach to the assessment of an innovation project. To form an unbiased assessment of an investment project, its separate features have been studied and the authors’ definition has been given; the difference between an innovation and an innovation investment project has been found, criteria for the classification of innovation projects have been studied, methodological approaches to the assessment of an innovation project from the point of view of efficiency, competitiveness, innovativeness, uncertainty and risks, as well as risks management have been systemized. Among numerous methodological approaches to innovation project assessment it was reasoned that under uncertainty the most preferable is the innovation stability of a project. As a result, methodological instruments have been created for the assessment of an innovation project comprising the following stages: 1) study of innovation project functioning via identification of risk types and uncertainty; 2) finding universal autonomy coefficient (financial stability) of an entity in funding of innovation activities characterizing both the success of a project and innovation situation risk; 3) implementation of comparative efficiency theory in the assessment of an innovation project; 4) assessment of the uncertainty of a project via finding its stability; 5) formulation of motivated conclusion on the condition of an innovation project by innovation activity-related staff
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