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Title: The use of multivariate statistical analysis methods in the process of tangible assets assortment optimization
Authors: Ushvitsky, L. I.
Ушвицкий, Л. И.
Kulagovskaya, T. A.
Кулаговская, Т. А.
Ter-Grigoryants, A. A.
Тер-Григорьянц, А. А.
Solovyeva, I. V.
Соловьева, И. В.
Babich, A. A.
Бабич, А. А.
Keywords: Assortment;Classification;Cluster analysis;Economic assessment;Management;Tangible assets;Variance analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Indian Society for Education and Environment
Citation: Ushvitskiy, L.I., Kulagovskaya, T.A., Ter-Grigor'yants, A.A., Solov'yeva, I.V., Babich, A.A. The use of multivariate statistical analysis methods in the process of tangible assets assortment optimization // Indian Journal of Science and Technology. - 2018. - Volume 9. - Issue 16. - Номер статьи 89896
Series/Report no.: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Abstract: Background/Objectives: Research objective - development of scientific, methodical provisions and practical recommendations about formation of rational system of stockpile management of enterprise with use of modern tools of multidimensional statistical analysis. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For the solution of this research problems was used the complex of multi-dimensional statistical methods: The cluster and dispersive analysis. Each of methods was applied adequately their functional opportunities that develop an author's methodology of group of material resources allowing to optimize costs of management of nomenclatures of resources. Findings: The article describes the approaches of choosing the multivariate statistical analysis methods allows to systematize the nomenclature and to optimize the enterprise physical resources assortment. The need to improve classification methods of reserves in an economic entity under the conditions of influence of great number of multidirectional internal and external environment factors is proved. This method of ranging of material stocks compared with traditional methods of optimization of the range of material stocks, are allows to construct more rational mechanism of management of economic re-sources at all stages of financial and economic activity. Application/Improvements: Results of research will be used in system of resource management in the sphere of supply, production and sale at various levels of flexible logistical systems
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