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Title: E-government in the western European countries, Asia and in the USA
Authors: Mukhoryanova, O. A.
Мухорьянова, О. А.
Novikova, I. V.
Новикова, И. В.
Rudich, S. B.
Рудич, С. Б.
Bogushevich, E. V.
Богушевич, Е. В.
Keywords: E-government;E-government models;Foreign experience in E-government formation
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Indian Society for Education and Environment
Citation: Mukhoryanova, O.A., Novikova, I.V., Rudich, S.B., Bogushevich, E.V. E-government in the western European countries, Asia and in the USA // Indian Journal of Science and Technology. - 2016. - Volume 9. - Issue 16. -Номер статьи 90757
Series/Report no.: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Abstract: Background/Objectives: The study's purpose was generalization of best practices of E-government adoption in the different countries of the world for future use of best practice in the Russian context. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The basic work methods include sociologic research methods, in particular, the content analysis. Findings: In the world there was a large-scale experience of E-government formation. In this case, the distribution of countries that carry such experience around the world is unevenly, since most of them are located in Europe, some - in North America and units in the Asian Region. For Russia, not the whole experience can be valuable because levels of development, socio-economic and political situation considerably differs. The research makes it possible to make a conclusion that in Russia it is necessary to use foreign experience of those countries which began the way to E-government in conditions similar to the current Russian. The universal principle, which is followed by many countries and should be followed by the Russian Federation, is the - compliance of supply of electronic government services to demand of citizens and businesses. Application/Improvements: The main area of application of research results is development and implementation of E-government in state management around the world, including Russia
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