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Title: The data transfer development in MANET networks on the base of Chinese remainder theorem
Authors: Chervyakov, N. I.
Червяков, Н. И.
Babenko, M. G.
Бабенко, М. Г.
Kucherov, N. N.
Кучеров, Н. Н.
Krisina, I. S.
Крисина, И. С.
Garyanina, A. I.
Гарянина, А. И.
Shabalina, M. N.
Шабалина, М. Н.
Keywords: Chinese remainder theorem (CRT);Error control codes;MANET;Residue number system (RNS);Secret sharing scheme
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: Chervyakov, N.I., Babenko, M.G., Kucherov, N.N., Krisina, I.S., Garianina, A.I., Shabalina, M.N. The data transfer development in MANET networks on the base of Chinese remainder theorem // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. - 2016. - Volume 451. - Pages 3-13
Series/Report no.: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Abstract: In the paper the data transmission scheme in MANET networks constructed on the threshold secret sharing scheme (SSS) possessing the computation capability similar to Asmuth-Blum SSS, however code with the speed of t times more is proposed. The proposed SSS constructed on residue number system (RNS) allows to detect errors in communication channels using the error correction codes in RNS. From results of simulation it is possible to draw the conclusion that in case of identical occupied space the time delay of the approximate method when using modules of size to 64 bits is 20% less, and when using modules of size more than 64 bits the time delay is 30% less in comparison with method of orthogonal bases. The use of SSS constructed on RNS allows to develop reliable data transfer protocols in MANET networks. The neural network implementation of the approximate method is 10% more effective than classical implementation of the approximate method
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