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Title: Features of ion-beam polishing of the surface of sapphire
Authors: Sysoev, I. A.
Сысоев, И. А.
Keywords: Ar ion beam;Ion-beam treatment;Roughness of thesapphire surface;Ion beams
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing
Citation: Lunin, L.S., Sinel’nikov, B.M., Sysoev, I.A. Features of Ion-Beam Polishing of the Surface of Sapphire // Journal of Surface Investigation. - 2018. - Volume 12. - Issue 5. - Pages 898-901
Series/Report no.: Journal of Surface Investigation
Abstract: The effect of an argon ion beam on the surface of sapphire is studied at different technological parameters: the ion energy, and the angle α between the sapphire surface and the ion-beam axis. The roughness of the sapphire surface is analyzed before and after ion polishing. The optimum ion-beam parameters are determined, at which the surface roughness after polishing decreases to 0.8 nm. At angles α = 20°–30°, the relief of the sapphire surface is found to become wavy. The study of the impact of the ion energy on the roughness of the sapphire surface in the 400–1200-eV range reveals that an increase in the energy of the ion beam to 1200 eV is accompanied with a decrease by 8.8 times in the roughness which falls below the level of 3 nm
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